Week 12

This week will be soley dedicated to completing tasks for Patient Collections. I think most of their tasks can be merged together in a few reports, which makes it easier for me and easier for them to understand. My goal is to be able to grab a dataset and give that to them as well, […]

Week 11

This week I’m wrapping up an RS Report for Arnett and completeing Ad Hoc’s as they come in. I have been working side by side with the new guy, Tim, to teach him the things I have learned so far and even learn new things. I am also working on my final presentation for this […]

Week 9

This week has gone extremely quick due to a ton of requests. We are starting to meet with our specific work teams and started plalning on how our team will be useful. Patient Collections believes that my data can help take their goals to different heights. Also I have bene completing requests for the business […]

Week 8

This week we added a new team member to our Business Intelligence team from IU, so we have all spent time training him. Tuesday, we meet with executives and others in Revenue Cycle to discuss our goals for the next five years and how we will accomplish them. My team that i will be helping […]

Week 7

Week 7 has been full of completing tasks and working has a group to get stuff done. I have been able to knock out reports left and right this week, wiht not much help needed. I finally feel as if I am able to look at a request and figure it out on my own. […]

Week 6

Happy 4th of July. This is a short week due to the holiday on Thursday. I was able to finally deploy my RS Report regarding NThrive accounts, but other than that I have been working on requests for the business and trying to push a ton out before the long holiday weekend. I will be […]

Week 4

This week has ben filled with completely Ad Hoc’s (requests from company) and finishing up my first SSRS report for one of our clients. Her request was to see daily when one of their vendors was being sent billing information that wasn’t theirs. I was able to complete this report by creating two queries for […]

Week 3

Week 3 has been filled with learning and developing my skills in SSRS, Management Studio, and Excel. I have been working on reports that are more challenging, because I feel like I am beginning to get a grasp on the databases and the fields within them. These databases all link up somehow and I’m finally […]