Week 4

This week has ben filled with completely Ad Hoc’s (requests from company) and finishing up my first SSRS report for one of our clients. Her request was to see daily when one of their vendors was being sent billing information that wasn’t theirs. I was able to complete this report by creating two queries for […]

Week 3

Week 3 has been filled with learning and developing my skills in SSRS, Management Studio, and Excel. I have been working on reports that are more challenging, because I feel like I am beginning to get a grasp on the databases and the fields within them. These databases all link up somehow and I’m finally […]

Week 2

This week I have dove right into writing reports for our clients (who are other IU Health employees). They put a request in through SharePoint and then if it looks like something I can handle I assign it to myself. Some of these requests have been to challenging for me so far, since I’m still getting […]

Week 1

My first full week at IU Health consisted of a lot of training and learning. As a business analyst on the Revenue cycle services side of the company, there is a lot to learn. I mostly was taught the different systems they use (Microsoft SQL Server management, Tableau, PowerBI, Visual Studio) and about the types […]