Week 12

This week will be soley dedicated to completing tasks for Patient Collections. I think most of their tasks can be merged together in a few reports, which makes it easier for me and easier for them to understand. My goal is to be able to grab a dataset and give that to them as well, so they will have some visuals by the end of this week. Some of these tasks will take more time than others, but I should be able to complete these goals this week. I will need help getting started from Bryan and Spencer, but other than that I have a pretty good idea of how to complete most of these.

Week 11

This week I’m wrapping up an RS Report for Arnett and completeing Ad Hoc’s as they come in. I have been working side by side with the new guy, Tim, to teach him the things I have learned so far and even learn new things. I am also working on my final presentation for this class, and will have to record voice overs after wokr one day this week. I am going to continue to work on my PowerBi dashboard for our request portal and will begin to work on our projects portal as well. Bryan, my manager, believes working through these will help develop my skills in PowerBi and also help our team out as a whole. I meet with Patient Collections this week to disucss their data needs as well. After that meeting, I will be able to begin knocking out some of their requests.

Week 10

This week I have been working on ad hocs, has we hit month end, and I have been developing a dashboard to help our manager see what we are all working on. We already have a SharePoint sight that shows our open request, but I have used that data to create a PowerBi Dashboard. It makes it 10x easier to view, then going into SharePoint. That has been my main duty this week. I have finally received the data needs fromn our Patient Collections work team, so I will dive into that and try to complete some of those reports for them. As a team, we also generate scorecards for all entities in IU Health. So this month end, my co-worker sat me down and taught me how to regenerate and package all the scorecards. These scorecards go out to everyone in Revenue Cycle for IU Health, so they are very important.

Week 9

This week has gone extremely quick due to a ton of requests. We are starting to meet with our specific work teams and started plalning on how our team will be useful. Patient Collections believes that my data can help take their goals to different heights. Also I have bene completing requests for the business and had an emergency report for someone external revolving around Patient medical record numbers based on county. Today, I will be mostly developing a SSRS report for one of our hospitals to help automate a simple report we spit out every month. One of our main goals as a team is to make our jobs easier. The less tedious reports we have to do, the better. We are always looking in the future. Friday will mostly be meetings, one as a team and one with IS.

Week 8

This week we added a new team member to our Business Intelligence team from IU, so we have all spent time training him. Tuesday, we meet with executives and others in Revenue Cycle to discuss our goals for the next five years and how we will accomplish them. My team that i will be helping provide reports for is Patient Collections. Our main goal is to make it easier for patients to pay us, so we actually receive the money. We also had some future goals, such as a Loyalty Program and an application for IU Health (crazy that we don’t have one). Other than that, I am headed on a four day vacation with my family this Thursday afternoon in Gatlinburg and will be back on Tueasday.

Week 7

Week 7 has been full of completing tasks and working has a group to get stuff done. I have been able to knock out reports left and right this week, wiht not much help needed. I finally feel as if I am able to look at a request and figure it out on my own. I do still think that I am still far away from feeling completely comfortable, but when I took the job they did say that. This job has been constant learning from day one, either from coworkers or just on my own. We have another team member starting next week; recent graduate from IU as well. Hopefully I will be able to help him learn the process of this team and continue to learn more. We will also be moving locations, as a team, in two weeks. We are moving from our Downtown Indianapolis location to an east side location where Revenue Cycle services is located. The benefit is that we will all be sitting together in our very own space and that will lead to more collaboration.

Week 6

Happy 4th of July. This is a short week due to the holiday on Thursday. I was able to finally deploy my RS Report regarding NThrive accounts, but other than that I have been working on requests for the business and trying to push a ton out before the long holiday weekend. I will be working from home on Friday ( awesome they givge me that option), so my work week is not completely done yet. Hope everyone has a great 4th.

Week 5

This week I felt like I have provided a lot to my team. I finally presented my RS Report and it was sent off to IS for the next steps, where I wille most liekly be able to deploy on Friday. Other than that I have running through Ad Hocs for the business and recently started a new project. This project is for our system patient access people, where I am pulling a query into PowerBI regarding point of service for both or physicians and facilities. I am creating this dashboard in a way provided by the head of SPA (System Patient Access). Some of my recent Ad Hoc’s consisted of pulling data for a specific physician to see his recent activity these last few years and also pivoting our large data cube for IDX (physicians) to retrieve data based on a certain provider. Next week’s blog will be a little bit shorter, because of the three day week. Happy Fourth!

Week 4

This week has ben filled with completely Ad Hoc’s (requests from company) and finishing up my first SSRS report for one of our clients. Her request was to see daily when one of their vendors was being sent billing information that wasn’t theirs. I was able to complete this report by creating two queries for both facility and physicians data. These queries were very complex and took me a while to run through and edit, but i was able to get it done earlier this week. Our team has a weekly Monday meeting called DAB where we go thorugh reports before we deploy them to the business. My team willl review my report in SSRS this coming Monday and then i will be bale to deploy.

This week my manger, Bryan, and I sat down to fully discuss some milestone goals for me throughout this summer. He gave me a list of three:

create SQL queries to fulfill business ad hoc requests
create SSRS report for the business
create a power bi dashboard for management to assist in decision making

Week 3

Week 3 has been filled with learning and developing my skills in SSRS, Management Studio, and Excel. I have been working on reports that are more challenging, because I feel like I am beginning to get a grasp on the databases and the fields within them. These databases all link up somehow and I’m finally understanding how each table in both payment systems operate together. This knowledge allows my query writing to be quicker and also less errors. Our Business Intelligence team is becoming swamped with reports, so I have had to somewhat learn on my own this week, which I enjoy. Also our Revenue Management group went to an Indianapolis Indians game this past Wednesday as a team building event, so that was a blast.