Cataloging: Week 14

As my cataloging internship ends, I would like to take a moment to reflect on all that I have learned in the past semester. I truly had no idea that I would learn so much in this internship! Starting with all of the readings laid a great foundation of knowledge for the semester. I especially enjoyed being able to read the entirety of Jean Harden’s Music Description and Access: Solving the Puzzle of Cataloging. Her history of music cataloging was very informative; it is helpful as I look at records and see bits of AACR and AACR2 to know where they come from and when they appeared in the history of this field. I also really appreciated how she explained the different types of formats that one commonly sees as a music cataloger. That has always been something that I have felt unfamiliar with, and now I have a good knowledge base. I worked on cataloging my frontlog CD’s for most of the internship, and working through them bit by bit was very informative as well. It was nice to switch between reading and cataloging on a daily basis. This also gave me a chance to put what I was learning into practice. My favorite part of the semester was attending MOUG and MLA. It was great to be in a room full of others who were passionate about music cataloging, and who want to make sure they are doing it as well as possible. Lately I have been working on the Library of Congress’ NACO training modules and applying what I learn to the authority records that I have been making. I am excited to continue to learn more about authority work, and feel that this has been a very solid start.

Overall, I think that I have reached all of the goals that I set out for myself in this internship. I have filled in many knowledge gaps, and I think that I am slowly becoming better at speaking knowledgeable about cataloging. As always, I wish I had time to practice on more records. I learned so much from the records that I made, and I am sure that the more I do it the more I will learn.

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