Cataloging: Week 12 and 13

One special project that I get to work on in my internship is straightening out the records for two series of CPE Bach Keyboard music that we have at the Cook Music Library. One series is CPE Bach keyboard concertos, and the other is his keyboard music. For some reason, the series records listed in the bibliographic records have been confused in IUCAT, and some volumes of one series list the other series as an access point. There are also problems with the format of the 245 fields, and there is not much uniformity across each series. To make matters worse, MDPI has digitized some of the volumes, but not all of them. This makes creating a series-level record a bit tricky. Right now, the keyboard music series has both a series-level record and individual volume records in IUCAT. While it is understandable why a librarian would create both, the records are not linked together, so it is hard to search for a volume, come across the series record, and get to the volume from there. My job as the intern is to assess the problem, and make recommendations to Michelle about what is broken and how to fix it.

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