Cataloging: Week 11 and 12

For the past week or so, I have been working my way through the Library of Congress’ NACO Training Modules. This is typically an in-person or online class that catalogers take when they want the certification to contribute authority work to OCLC, but I am “taking” them now to learn about authorities. The best part of this is that the information is very thorough. There are eight modules: NACO Foundations, Describing Persons, Describing Families, Describing Corporate Bodies (useful for music for describing orchestras and other ensembles), Describing Place, Describing Works and Expressions, Describing Series, Changes to NARs, and NACO Administration. Each module is hundreds of slides long and comes with exercises for practice. Going through these modules has given me far greater confidence in authority work. Since the modules go so far into depth, a typical authority record looks simple in comparison. I have especially appreciated Module 2: Describing Persons, and the one I am going through now, Module 6a: Describing Series. Series are something that I have always halfway understood, but now I am completely learning what they are and how to make authority records for them. I have been able to put all of this learning into practice by making several different kinds of authority records in OCLC, including name and name-title. When I finish the Series Modules, I will get started making some of those records as well.

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