Cataloging: Week 10

This week I mostly worked with creating records in OCLC from start to finish. In the past, I have been creating my records in Excel, with one row for every different subfield in the record. Now that that is complete for my first set of records, I have gone through and inputted that data into OCLC record templates. This has come with several challenges, the biggest of which is punctuation. In the subfield-by-subfield records that I was previously creating, I did not have to deal with punctuation, because every subfield was in its own cell in Excel. Now, subfields are combined in to one row, and I have to know what punctuation goes in between so that the computer can read the file correctly and transfer the data from the database to the user in a readable manner. There are some functions on OCLC that can self-check the punctuation, but not enough to make it completely automated. Now that this set of records is in OCLC Save Files, I can start working on new records which is a new challenge for me. It will be nice to go through a full CD at a time, instead of going through 9 CD’s, but field-by-field. I am at the part of the internship where it is starting to feel more like real cataloging that practice.

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