Cataloging: Week 7

This week I traveled to St. Louis, MO to attend the Music Librarian Association conference. As a part of this, I attended MOUG (Music OCLC Users Group), which is mostly a music cataloger’s conference. It lasted a day and a half, and I learned so much about cataloging and got to meet a bunch of really great people in the field. One of the most exciting lectures that I heard was on updates to the new RDA (RDA 2.0). I had heard about this in classes a little bit at IU, so it was really neat to get to hear what it was going to look like straight from the sources. It seems like there will be a lot of changes, especially in the interface and how the user interacts with the software. I think that this will be really helpful for someone like me who is still pretty new to RDA. The way that the Toolkit is laid out is very un-intuitive, and it looks like the new RDA will be laid out in a more intuitive way. Although this may be frustrating for those that know the old toolkit well, for me it was good news!

I also got to hear lectures on different projects that catalogers are working on in their libraries, such as extensions to OCLC that make life easier for music catalogers, and new way to shelf list materials. While the rest of the conference certainly was enjoyable, I enjoyed these first days at MOUG the best!

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