Cataloging: Week 5

This week I was focusing on Subject Headings and Genre/Form terms in my cataloging. I read several sources about this particular matter within the record, including MLA Best Practices form lcft and lcmpt. Here are some things I learned:

Rule of three: apply up to three subject headings in each of the following categories:

  1. Form of composition
  2. Medium of performance
  3. Other facets (EX: Christmas music)

Broad headings – if item includes works for various forms, assign broad heading. Level of specificity – don’t assign redundant SH’s. Get as specific as possible.

I then applied these new principles to the materials that I have been working on up until this point in the semester. It is difficult for me to determine what all needs to be included in the subject headings. There are many different levels of description that are happening in these fields, and they often overlap with the genre/form terms. Fortunately, I was able to add a lot of these successfully to my record, and them go over with my instructor where I did things differently from what she would have done.

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