Cataloging: Week 3 and 4

The past couple of weeks I spent time learning about describing carriers and more about notes. This mostly takes up the 3xx and 500 fields in MARC. I read about the fields from a conceptual point of view and tested out my skills on nine different CD’s from the music library’s frontlog. I found out about several different sources for cataloging sound recordings that helps greatly with the carrier description fields, and I was successfully able to navigate through the carrier description describing media and carrier types, as well as sound characteristics. Within the Music Librarian Asssociation, there is a CMC, Cataloging and Metadata Committee. They provide all sort of resources that are helpful for these sort of cataloging situations. Knowing where these sources are, how to find them, and the fact that they actually exist is a big part of being a successful cataloger.

For the Notes fields, I spent time looking through Notes for Music Catalogers by Ralph Hartsock for various examples of what Notes can look like, and what sorts of things are referred to. I discovered that there are many different notes that one might put into a record, but that a lot of them are very standard and repeatable, so the format is predetermined in sources such as the Hartsock.

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