Cataloging: Week 2

The second week of my cataloging internship has been full of learning new things. This week I started cataloging 9 different frontlog CD’s, and filling out a spreadsheet that goes through how each MARC field relates to the RDA description. I got through the 2XX’s, as well as some 500’s. These cover title statement, publication and copyright dates, as well as any notes that may need to be added to the record. Along with this has been a lot of RDA Toolkit reading, which is better this time around that what I have experienced in the past. We had to read some of RDA for the Cataloging course that I took last spring, and without direct application is is lofty and dense to parse through. However, directly applying it to the metadata that I was pulling off of the CD’s made it much more useful to read. I also finished up some of the readings that I didn’t get through during the first week, including the beginning of Maxwell’s Handbook for RDA. Most of what I have read so far is history and background on cataloging, which I can already see directly applying to what I am working on in the internship. I am looking forward to seeing what comes next in creating these records.

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