More on the Impact of Biased Metadata, or a Part 2

We’ve seen a general overview of why and how biased metadata impacts marginalized communities. However, each of these communities has been deeply impacted by the issues created by biased metadata, and should be explored a bit more to understand why inclusive and adaptive metadata is important. Since I covered the disabled community somewhat in a […]

All Together, Now! What This Tool Looks Like In Action (Plus Pictures!)

So, you’ve seen all of the steps of this information retrieval tool in its various parts. What does it look like as one cohesive tool? Let’s take a look at the steps of using the tool. Sorry for the less-than-great screenshots! Step 1: IUCAT is configured to allow a user to browse the catalog using […]

All The Rest: Dealing with Sources That Aren’t CVs or Schemas

As was mentioned before, a lot of the research is focusing on finding controlled vocabularies and metadata or classification schemes. However, research and sources on the changing nature of how description and classification of these communities has changed over time, and the circumstances that have motivated that change, are also important to the success of […]

Halfway There! Updates, and the Next Step

So it’s halfway through the summer semester, and it’s also the beginning of the next stage of my part in this project. Although we’ve found a variety of very useful and thorough vocabularies, only one–Homosaurus version 1– will be used for the project proposal. What’s the next step, exactly? Well, that’s to take the terms […]

My Own Perspective and Potential Biases: Could They Affect This Research?

So, I thought that it was important to briefly address my own perspective and unintentional biases and how they may impact or have been impacted by this research process. I will be the first to admit that my knowledge of existing metadata standards, metadata creation, and the biases of metadata are a continuing learning process, […]

Vocabularies and Standards (Project Step 1): What Am I Finding?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, a large part of this project is finding controlled vocabularies and metadata schemas/standards that are created by or accepted by marginalized communities. While this may sound like a simple task given the many organizations that have emerged to aid and represent minority groups, often those groups do not […]

Categorization: What Do We Need to Do Better? A (Hopefully Brief) Summary of Current Metadata Issues and Practices

Metadata makes up the very foundation of most library classification and knowledge organization standards. However, like all things that are created by individuals, metadata  often takes on the biases and exclusions– both intentional and unintentional– of the time and of its creators. The existing literature on recognizing and combating bias in metadata is ever-expanding. As […]