Project Update! The Third Part of This Process/Tool

Ok, now on to the third stage of this information retrieval tool. After this, there will be a post that brings all of the parts together to show the entirety of what’s being proposed.

So, after a vocabulary and term have been selected, and the term has been mapped and linked to LCSH, the third step is using the terms and SKOS links to search in a local system, such as IUCAT, and return sources that are more accurate and relevant. What does this look like, and what does it accomplish? Once the user’s selected term is found in LCSH, the terms from the search bar in LCSH can be plugged into a search in IUCAT. This should return results that are most closely related to both the vocabulary term and the LCSH term, since the community-created vocabulary and its related terms have contributed to the term and connections in LCSH.

Obviously, seeing this process just written out without examples can be confusing and hard to visualize. But, have no fear! As I said earlier, one of the upcoming posts will have the entire process of using the tool, plus some visualizations so that the entire process makes more sense. So, stay tuned for that!

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