Implications/Questions/Next Steps

We’ve clearly established a need for a tool that helps to mitigate instances of bias in metadata, but what are the questions that need to be posed going forward in the development of this project, and what are the implications if it is successful?

Realistically, this research and proposal is only the first step in helping this project come to fruition. Now that a proposal and models have been created, the proposal will put through further development steps. It will be taken to a faculty working group, as well as presented in a Brown Bag presentation. The feedback from those groups will help to develop and polish the tool, as well as help to answer some of the questions that need to be asked going forward such as: Should the entire vocabulary be shown, or only the terms that have SKOS links to LCSH? Also, how should the project proceed if a vocabulary is available but not in linked data form? Finally, is an online library catalog like IUCAT the best source for experimenting with the proof-of-concept information retrieval aid or would multiple sources provide more comprehensive results?

The development of this tool is going to require time, polishing, and likely more research. But, this initial research and drafting of a proposal is

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