Halfway There! Updates, and the Next Step

So it’s halfway through the summer semester, and it’s also the beginning of the next stage of my part in this project. Although we’ve found a variety of very useful and thorough vocabularies, only one–Homosaurus version 1– will be used for the project proposal. What’s the next step, exactly? Well, that’s to take the terms from Homosaurus that relate to our topic, search for them in the Library of Congress Subject Headings, and determine links via SKOS relationships between the vocabulary and LCSH. This sounds confusing, but here’s what it means and why it’s important. Linking the terms from Homosaurus to LCSH will be important for the next stage of this tool, which will be explained in a later post. By comparing the related terms, broader terms, and close matches between the Homosaurus term and the term in LCSH, we can establish SKOS relationships that will help link the community vocabulary to an authoritative source such as LCSH, and having terms from both sources will help to determine the best terms to use to search a system such as IUCAT. I know that all of this is a bit confusing, and I promise that a later post will make sense of all of this. Thanks for bearing with me!

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