Jan 13: Introduction

Introduction and Administrivia
Background: Security, Privacy, Cryptography

Jan 20: MLK Day

No class: MLK Day (Event List)

Jan 27: “Privacy”

A Taxonomy of Privacy,” Daniel J. Solove, GWU Law School Public Law Research Paper No. 129, University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Vol. 154, No. 3, p. 477, January 2006.
(Moderator: Charlie)

I’ve Got Nothing to Hide, and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy,” Daniel J. Solove
George Washington University Law School, San Diego Law Review, Vol. 44, 2007
(Moderator: Andrew)

Feb 3: Sensors + Malware

(sp)iPhone: Decoding Vibrations From Nearby Keyboards Using Mobile Phone Accelerometers,” P. Marquardt, A. Verma, H. Carter and P. Traynor,  Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS), October 2011.
(Moderator: Eshan)

Seeing Double: Reconstructing Obscured Typed Input from Multiple Compromising Reflections, Around the Corner,” Yi Xu, Jared Heinly, Andrew M. White, Fabian Monrose and Jan-Michael Frahm, Proceedings of the 20th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, November, 2013.
(Moderator: Kshitij)

Feb 10: Sensor Security

User-Driven Access Control: Rethinking Permission Granting in Modern Operating Systems,” F. Roesner, T. Kohno, A. Moshchuk, B. Parno, H.J. Wang, and C. Cowan, IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (Oakland), May 16-19, 2010.
(Moderator: Pranay)

A Scanner Darkly: Protecting User Privacy from Perceptual Applications,”  S. Jana, A. Narayanan, V. Shmatikov.  IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (Oakland)2013.
(Moderator: Harsh)

Feb 14 (Friday) Project Proposals Due

Feb 17: Project Proposals

Project Proposal Presentations

Feb 24: Lifelogging

Dredging Up the Past: Lifelogging, Memory and Surveillance“, Allen, Anita L.,  University of Chicago Law Review, Vol. 75, p. 47, 2008; U of Penn Law School, Public Law Research Paper No. 07-33.
(Moderator: Daniel)

PlaceAvoider: Steering First-Person Cameras away from Sensitive Spaces,” Robert Templeman, Mohammed Korayem, David Crandall, and Apu Kapadia, To appear in The 21st Annual Network & Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS ’14), San Diego, CA, February 23–26, 2014.
(Moderator:  Zhizhong)

Mar 3: Augmented Reality

Security and Privacy for Augmented Reality Systems,”
F. Roesner, T. Kohno, and D. Molnar.
Communications of the ACM, to appear.
(Moderator: Siyu)

In Situ with Bystanders of Augmented Reality Glasses: Perspectives on Recording and Privacy-Mediating Technologies,”
Tamara Denning, Zakariya Dehlawi, and Tadayoshi Kohno,  To appear at the International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ’14), 2014.
(Moderator: Prerna)

Mar 10: Smartphone app security

TaintDroid: An Information-Flow Tracking System for Realtime Privacy Monitoring on Smartphones,”
William Enck, Peter Gilbert, Byung-Gon Chun, Landon P. Cox, Jaeyeon Jung, Patrick McDaniel, and Anmol N. Sheth. USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI), 2010.
(Moderator: Adam)

Android permissions demystified,”
Adrienne Porter Felt, Erika Chin, Steve Hanna, Dawn Song, David Wagner. Proceedings of the 18th ACM conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS), 2011.
(Moderator: Andrew)

Mar 17

No class: Spring Break

Mar 24: Smartphone app security (human factors)

Expectation and Purpose: Understanding Users’ Mental Models of Mobile App Privacy through Crowdsourcing,”
Jialiu Lin, Shahriyar Amini, Jason Hong, Norman Sadeh, Janne Lindqvist, and Joy Zhang, International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing (Ubicomp), 2012.
(Moderator: Eshan)

Privacy as part of the app decision-making process,”
Patrick Gage Kelley, Lorrie Faith Cranor, and Norman Sadeh. 2013.  SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ’13).
(Moderator: Charlie)

Mar 31: Contextual Integrity

Project Status Report Due

Privacy as Contextual Integrity,”
Helen Nissenbaum, Washington Law Review, Vol. 79, No. 1, 2004
(Moderators: Pranay and Harsh)

Apr 7: mHealth

SoK: Security and Privacy in Implantable Medical Devices and Body Area Networks,”
Rushanan, Michael, Foo Kune, Denis, Swanson, Colleen M., and Rubin, Aviel D.,
In Proceedings of the 35th Annual IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (Oakland), May 2014. To Appear.
(Moderators: Daniel and Kshitij)

Apr 14: Authentication Schemes

The Quest to Replace Passwords: A Framework for Comparative Evaluation of Web Authentication Schemes,”
J. Bonneau, C. Herley, P.C. van Oorschot, F. Stajano, IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (Oakland), May 2012.
(Moderators: Zhizhong and Siyu)

Apr 21: Social Networks and Privacy

Silent listeners: The evolution of privacy and disclosure on Facebook,”
F Stutzman, R Gross, A Acquisti, Journal of privacy and confidentiality 4 (2), 2.
(Moderators: Adam and Prerna)

Apr 28

No class: Work on Project Presentation
Final Project Reports Due

May  8 (Thursday)

10am-1pm: Final Project Poster Session (Info East Lobby)