5,000 books and counting down…

Greetings from the South Asian Studies librarian office!

We’ve been busy getting materials on the shelves and out to scholars as we work on processing the Benson Collection. Karen Stoll-Farrell, the librarian for South Asian studies, bought almost 5,000 print materials focusing on Southeast Asia from a retiring vendor. This great deal came with a catch….there was no database or title list with the materials included. Part of my job over the past five months (we started this project in May) has been to create a system for figuring out what we have and what IU should put on the shelves. Also known as collection development. Since May, we’ve unpacked and sorted books by language out at the ALF, input materials into an excel spreadsheet, and shipped over 1,000 books (and counting!) to teach services for cataloging. The Benson Collection is the biggest donation to come through the ALF at once. Stayed tuned for the next post, where you’ll get the very detailed step-by-step process we follow as we add materials to IU’s growing southeast Asian collections!

Welcome to the South Asian Studies Library office!

Greetings from the 8th floor of Wells Library! I’ll be spending the semester here interning with Karen Stoll Farrell, the Head of Area Studies and the librarian for South Asian & Southeast Asian studies. I began interning with Karen in May and will finish up the intern hours this fall. I spent the summer processing new materials in the Benson Collection and this fall I’ll be hopping onboard new projects, librarian tasks, and continuing with the Benson materials.

I’m looking forward to learning the work of area studies & subject librarians. So far at IU, I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to assessment research projects at the library. But have yet (until now!) to learn about other types of librarianship at Indiana University. My goal is to investigate and explore what speaks to me within the field of academic libraries.

Stayed tuned throughout the semester for content on collection development, libGuides, subject posts, and more!