Final Reflections

Coming from the Collection Development course in Spring 2017 helped me work on the Benson and Munni Kabir collections. I learned the theory of how to evaluate materials and then put those concepts to work at the Auxillary Library Facility. I’ve laid hands on every single item unpacking every book onto a scores of shelves at the ALF and helped decided whether to add the items to the Southeast Asian collection. I feel close to these materials.

While I was familiar with the independence movement in India and basic Indian history, my knowledge of film in India has deepened; something I did not expect! The Indian film industry felt overwhelming, I was worried it would be hard to grasp a wide understanding of the country’s film pursuits. After pouring through bibliographies, I’m starting to recognize the top scholars on different topics and I would be able to steer scholars in the right direction. This was exactly the kind of experience I was looking for in an internship. Before the internship, I identified one of the gaps in my Library Science education was working with collections and instruction. I will be staying on with Karen until I graduate in May 2018, I’m excited to see what’s in store next semester.

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