Getting Hyped for India Remix

Here in the South Asian Studies library department, we have begun gearing up for India Remixed in Spring 2018 –performances, film screenings, art exhibitions, public talks, and student collaborations that highlight Indiana University’s deep cultural ties to India. I’m most excited for author Salman Rushdie and filmmaker Mira Nair’s talks, respectively. I’m a big fan of Monsoon Wedding and Mississippi Masala. To prepare we’ve been working on the research guide to South Asian film, designing a book display, exhibit, and pop-up library, and partnering with faculty.

First, we must make sure the IU Library has each visitor’s works in the collection. I made a spreadsheet with each visiting artist and scholar then compiled a list of every published work and whether or not we had a copy. We will buy any work we don’t own and buy more copies of Mira Nair’s films. When confirming we owned every Salman Rushdie book, Karen advised me to check for the physical copy of Satanic Verses. Often users steal Satanic Verses as its provoked great controversy among Muslims. Sure enough, the physical copy of Satanic Verses was nowhere to be found, time to reorder.

A subject’s department events, series, and speakers are reflected in the subject’s library collections and activities. When a new speaker series rolls around, the corresponding librarian to the topic coordinates with the event hosts to design exhibits, hold workshops, or highlight collections relevant to the event. The library supports the larger institutional goals and academic objectives in this way.

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