The Almighty LibGuide: Dividing Sections

After consulting other research guides at IU and consulting web writing advice, I decided to divide the South Asian film research guide along several sections. The first chunk concerns the relevant resource types at IU about the subject: articles, books, reference materials, and films. I paired each section header with an action verb, for example, “Find books” or “where” phrases like “Where to Watch.” In the Find Books section, I wanted to highlight some books from the collection with their Call Number for easy searching and finding. With this gesture, the LibGuide eliminates at least two additional steps to access. Students can click the text of the title to link directly to the catalog entry for each highlighted book as well; this tip came from a LibGuide tip forum on Reddit. Since it’s my first time building a research guide, for almost every placement decision I consulted an outside source, such as a library blog or the Springshare tutorials.

In the “Find Articles” section, I decided to highlight the journals that cover South Asian film industry, critical theory, reviews, and other scholarship. I paid careful attention to the scope of each journal to decide whether or not to include it in the guide. We only subscribe to one journal that covers only South Asian film, to add more titles I looked towards cultural theory, film theory, and more to cast a wider net.

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