The Almighty LibGuide: Content Creation

I’ll mainly be digging deep into our catalog to help undergraduates and the guide will be more than directional as well. I also will use the guide sparingly to define and explain concepts when necessary, for example, often the Western concepts of film genres do not match Indian genres. Identifying and understanding the particularities of Indian genres & cinema movements has implications for searching. Therefore it is justified to use the guide to define concepts as well as a directional guide. On the landing page, I’ve included searching tips specific to South Asian film resources. Studies show students scan the landing page, so information is best organized in bullets with simple short language. I’ve still decided to include search tips such as

“Change your spelling. Indian film stars often change the spelling of their names or change names altogether. Sometimes stars will be identified by their honorific, nickname, or first name only. Stars often have several different nicknames.”

Again, understanding the name changes has implications for searching on the user end. It makes sense to include this information if students claim they can’t find any IU resources on a film industry individual, we can advise them to change their spelling. Here, creating the libguide has also increased my knowledge of film resources on South Asian film. A skill I’m excited to highlight in future job applications.

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