The Almighty LibGuide: Defining Scope

As the South Asian Studies collection grows, Karen has decided to focus on building the South Asian film collection as well as resources for studying South Asian Film history, theory, and more. The IU Cinema has hosted an Indian film series focusing on a variety of themes. Two undergraduate courses in the Spring 2018 semester will focus on Indian and South Asian film. To speak to the growing interest and specialized collection of South Asian film, we’ve been compiling resources for South Asian Cinema LibGuide. The guide covers film resources for India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan. I’ve spent about four hours teaching myself how to use the LibGuide editor tools. I’ve also read several research LibgGuides by Indiana University librarians to get a sense of how the divide guides effectively. It’s important to include specific resources and where to find more resources, and indicate how to access the material. India’s most famous industry is Bollywood, and of course, there are hundreds of resources covering this industry. With South Asian film, in particular, it is important to cover all film industries and genres as evenly as possible. IU has a huge collection of resources covering Indian film industries of Bollywood and Hindi films. Therefore the goal of the guide is to highlight more sources in other fields.

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