Part 1 The First Subject Post

After web training, I began to write my first subject post for the South Asian Studies research guiding landing page. The IU Libraries acquired a new database, the East India Company Module 1: Trade, Governance, and Empire, 1600-1947. The module includes East India Company foundational documents, royal charters, correspondence, trading diaries, minutes of council meetings, reports of expeditions, British laws relating to the company, and more. A great resource for students needing primary source documents on the East India Company and British colonialism.

As per Anne’s suggestion, every word and sentence needed to communicate new information to the user. To keep the descriptions short I needed to know the most important elements of the database. I combed through the East India Company Module database first to familiarize myself with its contents. The vendor sent a drawing of the East India Company headquarters to attach to the database announcement. It took several tries at cropping to decide what looked best from the user’s perspective. I had to stay diligent creating captions, tags, and alternative text for disability compliance.

I broke up the subject post into broad categories of information: what is the database, contextualize its content with history, what types of materials are in the database, who is the database good for, and how to access the database. Brevity is surprisingly difficult!

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