How to Write a Library Subject Post

Over the summer, Anne Haines—a web content specialist at Wells Library—walked us through best practices for editing the library website. Training with Anne prepped us to write a subject post on the South Asian studies research. We’ve just acquired several new databases full of primary resources from the East India Trading Company. Librarians use subject posts for announcements and research help. It’s their main landing page for each subject. Librarians constantly communicate with users and need to draw their attention quickly, learning how to write for internet users should be part of every librarians’ training. I’m looking forward to learning more about how the library uses social media, web posts, and google analytics to build content strategies.

Some Highlights from our training:

-Put important information first.

-Keep it simple. People tend to scan pages quickly in an “F” shape.

-Make sure to tag images and categorize subject posts, it’s easier for students to find information.

-Do not waste words. Every word should tell the reader something new.

-Accessibility and the web is very important. When writing paragraphs, identify headers and sections for screen readers. Include captions for photos.

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