Growing Collections: Keep or Discard?

The South Asian and Southeast Asian collections at IU are still in their infancy and growing every day. A deeper interest in South Asian and Southeast Asian is newer to Indiana University, and our library collection works to reflect this shift. So collection development is a big part of our job on the 8th floor of Wells.

How to decide what books, journals, and other materials to keep? With a baby collection still searching for its core items, we’ve been buying up scores of materials from across the world this year. We keep all materials not currently held in the Wells Library Research Collection. Simple as that. Keep it all. The duplicate materials are sent off to faculty members as freebies for their department or personal collection.

After we’ve decided what to keep, how will users find the new South Asian or Southeast Asian books and materials? To decide access permissions, we look at the publisher year. We want the most current materials housed at Wells Library, and everything else is stored at the ALF ready for delivery requests. For the Benson Collection, all materials published after 1995 are available for checkout at Wells Library. Reference, law, and music monographs are the exception; we send these materials to their corresponding library or collection area.

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