Fall and Spring Semester Projects and Research Symposium

The Fall Symposium is on Thursday, November 30, 2017 in the Indiana Memorial Union – Alumni Hall and Solarium.

Register to participate in the symposium by Friday, November 17, 2017 http://tiny.cc/SOIC-Symposium or http://bit.ly/IUFallSymposium

  • 8a-3p Set up at the IMU during your class time or when the student is available (Professors can specify an “in-class grading” time if the Professor plans to grade students during the symposium. Please talk to your professor to ensure you have the correct times.)
  • 2-3pm Opt-in (during sign-up) external judging period
  • 3-5p Open to the Public
  • 5p-6p Award ceremony and Dinner Celebration

Save the Date for Spring Symposium

The Spring 2018 Symposium will be Wednesday, April 18, 2018 in the IMU Alumni Hall and Solarium.

What is it? Why should we do it?

Indiana University’s School of Informatics and Computing’s (IU SOIC’s) collaborative Fall and Spring Semesters Research and Projects Symposium will provide SOIC students with the opportunity to present their semester projects and research to the larger IU and Bloomington community.

Public visitors will get an opportunity to meet with SOIC students, faculty, and staff. In addition, they will get a chance to see what students create in upper level course in SOIC.

Student participants will have an opportunity to practice professional networking. It will also provide SOIC with an opportunity to show IU, Bloomington, prospective students, and area companies how creative, talented, and capable our students are.

Important Dates for IU Faculty and Student Participants:

What will happen during the Symposium?

Ideal schedule:

  • 1st Hour: We will recruit 1-2 professionals in the local area (or our alums!) per course (so maybe 10-20 professionals?) to come for the first hour and judge all of a course’s presentations. They will give feedback on the “Best in [a class/topic area/etc]”
  • 2nd-3rd Hour: Open to the public – usually friends, schools, clubs, parents, alums, and potential students come to see the projects. The public will get a chance to vote for “People’s Choice.”
  • 4th Hour: We will announce the winners of “Best in…” and “People’s Choice”

What do you expect from the student participants?

Your well dressed students will stand near their projects with hopefully a 2’x3′ poster and preferably an interactive demo (demo or die!) to discuss it with the visitors. During the “Open to the Public” time, students can take turns presenting their work and checking out other projects (“I’m taking that course next semester because their projects were awesome”).

Here is a set of videos CU created documenting 1st year engineering students through their project creation and ultimately exhibiting it at the expo.

Who is doing this?

Katie Siek, Norman Su, Martina Barnas (Associate Dean of Research Representative), Lamara Warren (SROC Faculty), Shamim Ali, Natalie Edwards (Ambassador Program)

Past Organizers: Megan Mullen (Undergraduate Representative from Ambassador Program), Krishna Bathina (GISA representative), and Kastubh Barde (HCI/d MS representative)

How are the faculty integrating the symposium into their classes?

Katie is requiring it in lieu of a final (it is a lot of work when done right). Some are doing it for extra credit.

What is the rough timeline?

  • 6 weeks into the semester: Begin recruiting judges
  • 2 weeks before symposium: Know the final number of groups participating (so we can secure a space)
  • 1 week before symposium: Initial project placement map will be distributed so students can see where they are located for the expo;

What if I have a group of students in my class who do not have a nice project?

Not every project is going to be a home run – but on Symposium day, it has to work and look nice. Tell your students to step it up. Make sure your AI has hours that the group can attend to get extra assistance. Remind them to come to your office hours. Groups will pull through – or else they risk having to stand next to a bad project for 3 hours in front of their peers (I remind students this in week 9 and 12).

Can graduate or undergraduate students present their research here?

Yes, they just have to fill out the interest form.

Past Symposia

Fall 2016 – Monday, December 5, 2016 in the Indiana Memorial Union – Alumni Hall.

Spring 2016 – Tuesday, April 19 2016 – Joint Senior Projects and Spring Symposium at the IMU Alumni Hall and Solarium

Fall 2015 – Informatics

Fall 2014 – Informatics


Email Katie Siek (ksiek – at -indiana.edu)