Director of Informatics Undergraduate Studies Documents

I created this page to help answer students, faculty, and staff frequently asked questions.

  • What are the requirements for a Senior Thesis? The requirements are here.
  • How do I create a new course?
    • Typically, we look for courses that have been taught at least twice with good teaching feedback that will be offered in the future.
    • Please send me (if you want it to be cross listed as a graduate course, please send it to Marty and Kay too) the following information:
      1. Course Title- not to exceed 30 characters (including spaces)
      2. Course Description – not to exceed 50 words.
      3. Course pre-requisites
      4. Justification
      5. Course Content/ Topics covered (can be a list of topics, sometimes a week by week list)
      6. Teaching and learning methods
      7. Representative bibliography
      8. Student learning outcomes
      9. How graded (% papers, % participation, % exams, etc.)
      10. Example Syllabus
    • Once I receive the information, the Undergraduate Committee will vote on it during a monthly meeting.
    • If the Undergraduate Committee approves it, I will send the course to Esfan who will review it.
    • If Esfan approves it, Sally will coordinate with you on what the new number should be.
  • How can a course count as an elective? The course should meet the current elective definition. If you would like your course to count as an undergraduate elective, please send your syllabus to me and the Undergraduate Committee will review it based on the current elective definition. If it is approved, I will notify Erik, Esfan, and Sally.