I’m interested in working on projects that support people to take advantage of the benefits of technology in a personally meaningful way. I’m currently working to help older adults to build their own personalized electronic devices using electronic toolkits based on maker electronics. Through my work thus far, I’ve designed and built Craftec, an electronic toolkit system designed to support older adults in creating and making using their crafting skills. I informed the design of the toolkit through several methods, including observations, a survey with crafters, a participatory design workshop, and user evaluation workshops.

I’ve been enjoying helping older adults to learn new skills and use those skills to create. I’ve focused much of my work on older adult crafters, since they’re a group of older adults who are already building tangible objects. I’ve also enjoyed the relationships I’ve developed with people in the Bloomington community, especially as a member of Bloomington’s Quilters’ Guild.

Below is an example of a quilt I helped create using LilyPad Arduino and conductive thread. The quilt lights up the LEDs based on how long it has been since the person wearing it has moved.

This is a quilt we’ve made as an example. It uses a LilyPad Arduino with an accelerometer and LEDs to indicate how long the wearer has been sitting.

I am actively iterating on electronic toolkit designs that abstract the technical knowledge while promoting older adults to create meaningful IoT devices. Below are two prototypes I’ve been developing.

The Fabric Base toolkit prototype leverages conductive fabric to make connections between components. The components snap to the bases for easy replacement.
The Magnets and Wires toolkit prototype leverages magnetized jumper wires to make connections between components. The components also snap to the bases for easy replacement.