Saying Goodbye (For Now)

Tomorrow is my last day at SoTL and it is truly a bittersweet feeling. I have had the honor and privilege of working at the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning during the entire span of my graduate career. My role within SoTL has evolved and I have had a lot of fun getting to… Read more »

Manuscript Revision

After submitting the initial draft of the article Building a social network around SoTL through digital space, we were waiting to see what kind of revisions we would need to make before resubmitting the paper. Of course, there’s always the possibility that a journal is not interested in publishing your article at all; luckily for… Read more »

Meeting with Lauren

Lauren Hays is the Instructional and Research Librarian and Co-Director of the Center for Games and Learning at MidAmerica Nazarene University and I had the pleasure of talking to her after she presented at ICED. Lauren is particularly interested in how a librarian’s identity shapes whether or not they consider themselves an educator or not…. Read more »

“Perception of SoTL at a Research One University”–A Manuscript in Progress

In addition to the Collaborative Technologies manuscript, my boss and I are also working on a draft about the role of SoTL at a Research One university. We were interested to read about how perceptions or involvement in SoTL can change based on rank (tenure or non-tenure track) and discipline. We used qualitative and quantitative… Read more »

WCMS Workflow Documentation

After returning from the ICED conference, my head is full of ideas and topics to explore. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had exchanged contact information with a few people from the conference who wished to learn more about the SoTL database. Many were eager to hear about the details pertaining to the… Read more »

Collaborative SoTL Manuscript

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning has been working on building its online presence in many different ways, using a variety of voices. My role as a graduate assistant with library and information science knowledge, was to create a dynamic, searchable database for SoTL work completed by faculty and professors at Indiana University Bloomington. The… Read more »

Conference Day 3–Poster Session

The big day is finally here! I woke up early and went down to the lobby to set up my poster. From 8 to 9:30 am I was able to discuss with many people around the world about my work on creating a searchable, dynamic database for SoTL at IU. The spectrum of responses was… Read more »

Conference Day 2

I was hoping to wake up early and attend an early workshop, but the stress of traveling and getting ready for the conference must’ve worn me out. However, I did attend a session about inclusivity; this particular session discussed how our identities can impact our work. Specifically, identities surrounding our academic backgrounds, job position, career… Read more »

Conference Day 1

The official conference proceedings began with a panel of keynote speakers. The four speakers came from all over the world, including: Canada, the United States, Singapore, and Sweden. Each speaker focused on one segment within the conferences theme, which was “Institutional Change: Voices, Identities, Power, and Outcomes.” I really appreciated the quote that Joy Mighty,… Read more »

Arriving in Atlanta

The flight to Atlanta was a breeze. I had to deal with the awkwardness that ensues when traveling with a giant poster tube, but other than that it was smooth flying. We arrived in Atlanta around 1 p.m. and after a hotel mix-up and two taxis later, we arrived at the correct destination. Shannon and… Read more »