Manuscript Revision

After submitting the initial draft of the article Building a social network around SoTL through digital space, we were waiting to see what kind of revisions we would need to make before resubmitting the paper. Of course, there’s always the possibility that a journal is not interested in publishing your article at all; luckily for us, this was not the case. We had three reviewers and they each included comments about the strengths and weaknesses in the paper. Overall, to the topic of including more voices to expand SoTL was well received. However, the diverse voices and writing styles from all three writers throughout the article were distracting and in cohesive. We thought each voice emphasized how three people came together to accomplish a goal, but we decided to have one of the collaborators edit the manuscript, so it appears as one voice and style. Other than a few stylistic changes, the content was sound, and the reviewers were optimistic about our findings. We have decided to provide more data via web-analytics to reflect change in traffic from updating our website and adding the database. I will be working on conducting another literature search for best practices to support SoTL work and what other digital SoTL initiatives look like. We are hoping to have the manuscript updated and sent by next week.

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