Meeting with Lauren

Lauren Hays is the Instructional and Research Librarian and Co-Director of the Center for Games and Learning at MidAmerica Nazarene University and I had the pleasure of talking to her after she presented at ICED. Lauren is particularly interested in how a librarian’s identity shapes whether or not they consider themselves an educator or not. With this perception, some librarians may not consider themselves educators and therefore would not conduct SoTL research. However, many librarians do teach or instruct students. Given my own involvement and interest in librarianship and SoTL, I wanted to chat with Lauren to see what kinds of projects she was working on or if there was any opportunity to work together.

During the course of the talk, we discussed how I would like to participate on a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) with SoTL if I will still be at IU working as a librarian. She thought the idea of an FLC designed for teaching undergraduate students how to conduct research was an exciting idea. Specifically, incorporating information literacy concepts throughout each step would allow students to grasp this knowledge in a practical, useful way.

Lauren also mentioned areas within the Scholarship that could use additional research, such as the gap in Information Literacy in Psychology-what it looks like and how can we teach it within that context? She thought these were important questions to consider and she also mentioned getting involved on a faculty development committee. Her role as a librarian on a faculty development committee has been a symbiotic relationship for both faculty developers as well as the librarian. Talking with Lauren was very helpful and I hope I can continue this conversation and collaboration once I have a better grasp on the future.

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