“Perception of SoTL at a Research One University”–A Manuscript in Progress

In addition to the Collaborative Technologies manuscript, my boss and I are also working on a draft about the role of SoTL at a Research One university. We were interested to read about how perceptions or involvement in SoTL can change based on rank (tenure or non-tenure track) and discipline. We used qualitative and quantitative methods to collect data from a survey as well as two focus group interviews. Our general findings illustrate that many conversations are not happening between colleagues about SoTL work. Tenure track faculty typically have more time after receiving tenure to focus on other interests, which may or may not include teaching and learning. Most of the participants have expressed interest in SoTL work, but lack of resources (time, support, researchers, etc.) prevent research from happening. From our literature review so far, we realize that there is limited information about what SoTL looks like at a large, research university; researching and writing this manuscript allows other institutions to look at our results and in turn think about their own SoTL programs function. I really enjoyed the process and work required before writing the paper. Formulating research questions, working with Shannon on focus group interviews, and analyzing the results were activities I practiced in the isolation in the classroom, but getting to practice in a practical, useful setting was exciting. We are hoping to have a draft ready to submit before my internship is up.

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