WCMS Workflow Documentation

After returning from the ICED conference, my head is full of ideas and topics to explore. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had exchanged contact information with a few people from the conference who wished to learn more about the SoTL database. Many were eager to hear about the details pertaining to the database: how information is collected, in what ways the database functions as a Community of Practice (CoP), and how the database will be updated; attending the conference helped refresh all of the steps it took for me to accomplish creating the database. This refresher is helpful because after I returned, I was tasked with the duty of creating a manual for entering bibliographic information within the Web Content Management System (WCMS) for the next graduate assistant within SoTL. I thought about all of the technical pieces that must be included with each entry, as well as short cuts, and tips or tricks to help ensure that information input is both thorough and in sync with previous entries. I thought about how design manuals and workflow information are important documents to consider when thinking about the larger operations. In the Systems Analysis course I took in the spring, it became apparent how clear documentation can help ensure data and tasks are performed appropriately.

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