Collaborative SoTL Manuscript

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning has been working on building its online presence in many different ways, using a variety of voices. My role as a graduate assistant with library and information science knowledge, was to create a dynamic, searchable database for SoTL work completed by faculty and professors at Indiana University Bloomington. The faculty developer and media specialist within the teaching and learning center worked on a number of digital strategies, including: a SoTL blog series, a web redesign, and creating social media presence. We decided that these implementations could serve as a guide or example for other teaching and learning centers who might be experiencing the same issues with web traffic. Shannon Sipes, the faculty developer, worked on creating the outline and structure of the manuscript. Matt Barton (media specialist) and I worked on our respective parts within the manuscript. Working on this manuscript not only gave me the experience to work with others in different areas, but it also allowed me to practice writing for a professional publication and audience. I am eager to see how the manuscript is received and if it will be one step closer to being published.

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