Conference Day 3–Poster Session

The big day is finally here! I woke up early and went down to the lobby to set up my poster. From 8 to 9:30 am I was able to discuss with many people around the world about my work on creating a searchable, dynamic database for SoTL at IU. The spectrum of responses was really interesting to me-on one end, people were like “we love our librarians! We partner with them all the time!” and others mentioned that they never thought to work with librarians. I explained my unique situation: that I am a library and information science graduate student studying at a university where there is also a Teaching and Learning center. Many expressed interest in working with ILS students, but their schools do not have a library or information science program within the school. Many passersby scanned the QR code or snapped pictures. I exchanged business cards and contact information with a few people who were interested in continuing the conversation. Overall, my poster and database were well-received. I realize there are a lot of opportunities for Information and Library students to organize and represent this particular form of scholarship. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be one comprehensive database that stores the types of SoTL work from all over, which would be extremely helpful for faculty developers, scholars, and faculty.

After the poster session, my boss and I attended one more session, listened to the final keynote session, and jumped in a Lyft back to the airport. Minus a three-hour delay, our trip was smooth flying back home.

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