Conference Day 2

I was hoping to wake up early and attend an early workshop, but the stress of traveling and getting ready for the conference must’ve worn me out. However, I did attend a session about inclusivity; this particular session discussed how our identities can impact our work. Specifically, identities surrounding our academic backgrounds, job position, career path, and personal identity that can provide opportunities of power or disadvantage. I was able to chat with a lady from Australia, and two men (one from England and the other from Italy) who expressed their own identities and how that is reflected in their work; they were really interested in hearing my perspective as a graduate student.

My favorite session was a concurrent style where four presenters discussed their projects. In this particular session, there were 2 academic librarians (one from the US and the other from Sweden), a faculty developer who paired with an academic librarian for a class, and a faculty developer who discussed using a rubric. This session was really enlightening for me to see how academic librarians can collaborate with faculty developers and other institutional units to accomplish a variety of goals. I thought Lauren Hays dissertation about the involvement and perception of SoTL based on librarian’s identities made a lot of sense, although her results weren’t that surprising (e.g. many librarians don’t see themselves as “teachers” even though part of their job is to teach instructional lessons or courses); I think in the rigorous, well-defined world of universities, there are titles and roles that designate what someone does or does not do. I hope I can challenge this thinking if I continue my career within an academic institute.

Finally, we had dinner at the Aquarium in Atlanta. It was gorgeous! The ballroom had windows of glass that peered into the aquariums and sea creatures would nonchalantly pass by as we ate hors d’oeuvres and drank cocktails. It was such a magical experience and I really enjoyed the conversations I had at dinner.

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