Month: June 2018

WCMS Workflow Documentation

After returning from the ICED conference, my head is full of ideas and topics to explore. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had exchanged contact information with a few people from the conference who wished to learn more about the SoTL database. Many were eager to hear about the details pertaining to the… Read more »

Collaborative SoTL Manuscript

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning has been working on building its online presence in many different ways, using a variety of voices. My role as a graduate assistant with library and information science knowledge, was to create a dynamic, searchable database for SoTL work completed by faculty and professors at Indiana University Bloomington. The… Read more »

Conference Day 3–Poster Session

The big day is finally here! I woke up early and went down to the lobby to set up my poster. From 8 to 9:30 am I was able to discuss with many people around the world about my work on creating a searchable, dynamic database for SoTL at IU. The spectrum of responses was… Read more »

Conference Day 2

I was hoping to wake up early and attend an early workshop, but the stress of traveling and getting ready for the conference must’ve worn me out. However, I did attend a session about inclusivity; this particular session discussed how our identities can impact our work. Specifically, identities surrounding our academic backgrounds, job position, career… Read more »

Conference Day 1

The official conference proceedings began with a panel of keynote speakers. The four speakers came from all over the world, including: Canada, the United States, Singapore, and Sweden. Each speaker focused on one segment within the conferences theme, which was “Institutional Change: Voices, Identities, Power, and Outcomes.” I really appreciated the quote that Joy Mighty,… Read more »

Arriving in Atlanta

The flight to Atlanta was a breeze. I had to deal with the awkwardness that ensues when traveling with a giant poster tube, but other than that it was smooth flying. We arrived in Atlanta around 1 p.m. and after a hotel mix-up and two taxis later, we arrived at the correct destination. Shannon and… Read more »