Month: October 2017

October Staff Meeting

We had our second staff meeting of the semester tonight. All but one of the SAs (who wasn’t feeling well) were able to attend, which means the date and time planned fits well in all of their schedules. I also brought some chocolate cookies with chocolate chips and they all seemed appreciative of that. I… Read more »

Part of the Community

One of the challenges of working in the MMM in the Read Residence facility is location; it is confusing and difficult to navigate in the basement as it is, let alone when you are actually trying to find a specific location. I have gotten lost a handful of times while trying to find the computer,… Read more »

Halloween Movie Horror: How Communication and Planning are Your Friends

I thought I finally found my groove with the MMM–the staff is communicative and proactive for covering shifts or making suggestions, Kyle has been bringing tours down, and feedback has been positive. However, it can’t be rainbows and sunshine all the time. Kyle and I planned on having two Halloween Movie night events on the… Read more »