Month: September 2017

Managing the Managers–First Supervisory Meeting

There are about 14 residential libraries/MMMs located on the Indiana University campus, which means I have 13 other friends who are managing, planning, and developing their own libraries. As I mentioned before, the training for becoming a Center Supervisor was very thorough; I learned a lot of information, but I also formed many friendships with… Read more »

September Staff Meeting

The first staff meeting with the student assistants went really well! I had a full agenda of topics to discuss and everyone was engaged and full of ideas (the extra sugar from bringing cookies seemed to help). One of the challenges that comes with working in the Read MMM is our location within the basement…. Read more »

A New Face

This week I had a meeting with Shawn, my supervisor, and a Read Residence Assistant named Kyle. In this meeting, Shawn introduced Kyle as a new Student Assistant. However, his role is very different than the Student Assistants I am in charge of. Instead of completing the usual Student Assistant tasks (discharging items, shelf-reading, checking… Read more »