Month: August 2017

Opening Day

Opening day was a success! I was really lucky as a CS because I had seven returning staff members. I conducted one interview before I trained my staff and after meeting with the returning staff, it became very clear that seven was the magic number. Since all of the SAs were returners, the staff training… Read more »

Training and Preparation

The past week has been filled with an overload of information about a range of topics that include hiring and training staff to ordering materials into the collection. As a manager of a Music, Media, and More at a residence hall on on-campus, I am in charge of many elements that keep these types of… Read more »

About Me

Hi all! My name is Amy Minix and I am a second year master’s student studying information and library science. I am a graduate assistant at the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and I recently accepted a position as a Center Supervisor (CS) at a Music, Media, and More (MMM) at a residence hall here… Read more »